IG Scam Test Can this really be true for this company?

Binary option scammers on IG

I was trying to learn how to trade options and came accross a profile named ”rosywilliams68” on Instagram. The person claimed to be an expert in trading options and an account manager. Since I’ve heard there are people who invest that have account managers who trade on their behalf I was intrigued in finding out more. “Rosy” claimed to be able to trade on my behalf in exchange for 10 % profit. We exchanged contacts and started chatting via WhatsApp, ”Rosy” utilizes the phone number : 301-747-7463.
I noticed the grammatical errors and was doubting whether I was indeed talking an American lady named “Rosy” or a foreigner that was pretending to be a lady named “Rosy.” I was very weary that this whole thing may be a scam but In my head I told myself I would not spend more than $500 which was the investment I was willing to make.
I proceeded and sent $500 through bitcoin using coinbase I sent $300 and cashapp I sent $200 over to my “express binary trader.com” account which I created because “Rosy” advised that would be the account she would be trading from on my behalf. My account went from $500 initial investment to $6,427 on my expressbinarytraders.com account wallet from the trades “Rosy” did after 1 week.
I was curious to know how she was able to make such profits and she advised that they had special softwares and were able to detect signals and she could not disclose their methods. I didn’t push further, I advised I wanted to withdraw my funds she advised I should send an email to “[email protected]” I received an email within a few minutes advising that I needed to pay a COT(Cost of transfer) fee in order to withdraw my $6,427 from my account. I advised to “Rosy” that I only had $500 to invest and was not aware that there would be an additional $964 I would have to spend.
I advised to “Rosy” that if there’s a way for expressbinarytraders.com to remove the COT fee and then give me my balance then that would be fine. If not then there’s nothing else I can do, and that money will just have to stay there. “Rosy” said she would get back to me in regards to this. Honestly, this whole thing is a scam and am glad I did not spend no more than $500.
This is a lesson for anyone out there. Please be careful of people who have social media accounts and claim to be account managers that can trade for you.
Please before you invest into something do your research so you can have enough knowledge to be able to do it yourself. Currently, I’ve been educating myself on how to trade options by reading books and watching tutorial videos from other traders.
-Knowledge is wealth, the more you know the less you will fall into certain traps.
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AMF Fines IG €500,000 for Binary Options Fraud

While binary options are currently banned in France, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) continues to work hard to crack down on violations in the present and the past.
Recently, AMF has been investigating IG Markets Limited, a company offering binary options and CFDs to consumers.
AMF found that IG Markets violated the law repeatedly from June 2015 to March 2016.
Most of the violations concerned a lack of diligence and transparency in its dealings with customers, especially in the area of trade recommendations.
In response to these infractions, AMF is fining IG €500,000.
Read the AMF release on its action against IG Markets Limited.
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IG Markets, a leading trading firm, is now offering Bitcoin binary options

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Anyone trading bitcoin binary options on IG Index ?

The spread seems a bit crazy to me at the moment - 10 points between buy and sell ???
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IG Group To Stop Bitcoin Binary Options (And Why That's Good For Bitcoin)

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had to misgender myself friday (pronouns are she/they/xe/zer)

(cw: transphobia)
so friday in music class we had to fill out a survey for some national music teaching society or something like that. a lot of the kids in my class are really sheltered, and obviously under the gender category it had "male, female, other". one of the kids in my class said "why is there an option for other?" my music teacher said "in today's society people can't decide if they want to be one or the other" so immediately i knew he was transphobic. im afab but identify as non binary so if i was honest i would've put "other" but i had to misgender myself and put "female" bc i didn't want to get hated on by a transphobe. it sucked so bad but ig it was better than getting hated on by a transphobe. :(
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Securely generate 24-word Mnemonic using Dice

Disclaimer: This is for education purposes only. This is quite advanced for the average user. If you are to going to protect funds with a mnemonic generated using this method, use only a verified copy of tails and do all processes in a completely secure offline environment.
Let me begin by saying there is nothing to suggest that the RNG used in popular software/hardware wallets is flawed. The generation process uses TRNG's certified from 3rd parties which should satisfy the large majority of users. However, if you are the type that trusts no one and you want to verify your BIP39 Mnemonic is truly random or you just want to find out how it works, then you must generate it yourself.
The process itself is straightforward, The BIP39 dictionary contains 2048 words, each of these words represents 11 binary bits (0 or 1). A 24-word Mnemonic consists of 23 Words and a Checksum word. To create our own mnemonic we start by generating 256 bits of random binary then calculating the rest of the checksum. There is many ways to randomly generate the binary, but specifically for this tutorial we use six-sided dice. (If you have another means of generating the 256-bits, such as coin flips, then jump straight to step 10)
The entire process will be done only using tools built-in to tails. All base converisons will be done in the linux terminal using the 'bc' or Basic Calculator command. Calculating the checksum will use python standard library.
Tools needed:

Create BIP39 Mnemonic with Dice

Picture Album - https://imgur.com/a/sXTHr6c
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[Table] Asteroid Day AMA – We’re engineers and scientists working on a mission that could, one day, help save humankind from asteroid extinction. Ask us anything!

There are several people answering: Paolo Martino is PM, Marco Micheli is MM, Heli Greus is HG, Detlef Koschny is DVK, and Aidan Cowley is AC.
Questions Answers
Can we really detect any asteroids in space with accuracy and do we have any real means of destroying it? Yes, we can detect new asteroids when they are still in space. Every night dozens of new asteroids are found, including a few that can come close to the Earth.
Regarding the second part of the question, the goal would be to deflect them more than destroy them, and it is technologically possible. The Hera/DART mission currently being developed by ESA and NASA will demonstrate exactly this capability.
I always wanted to ask: what is worse for life on Earth - to be hit by a single coalesced asteroid chunk, or to be hit by a multiple smaller pieces of exploded asteroid, aka disrupted rubble pile scenario? DVK: This is difficult to answer. If the rubble is small (centimetres to meters) it is better to have lots of small ones – they’d create nice bright meteors. If the rubble pieces are tens of meters it doesn’t help.
Let’s say that hypothetically, an asteroid the size of Rhode Island is coming at us, it will be a direct hit - you’ve had the resources and funding you need, your plan is fully in place, everything you’ve wanted you got. The asteroid will hit in 10 years, what do you do? DVK: I had to look up how big Rhode Island is – a bit larger than the German Bundesland ‘Saarland’. Ok – this would correspond to an object about 60 km in diameter, right? That’s quite big – we would need a lot of rocket launches, this would be extremely difficult. I would pray. The good news is that we are quite convinced that we know all objects larger than just a few kilometers which come close to our planet. None of them is on a collision course, so we are safe.
the below is a reply to the above
Why are you quite convinced that you know all object of that size? And what is your approach in finding new celestial bodies? DVK: There was a scientific study done over a few years (published in Icarus 2018, search for Granvik) where they modelled how many objects there are out there. They compared this to the observations we have with the telescopic surveys. This gives us the expected numbers shown here on our infographic: https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2018/06/Asteroid_danger_explained
There are additional studies to estimate the ‘completeness’ – and we think that we know everything above roughly a few km in size.
To find new objects, we use survey telescopes that scan the night sky every night. The two major ones are Catalina and Pan-STARRS, funded by NASA. ESA is developing the so-called Flyeye telescope to add to this effort https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2017/02/Flyeye_telescope.
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for the answer, that's really interesting! It's also funny that the fist Flyeye deployed is in Sicily, at less than 100km from me, I really had no idea DVK: Indeed, that's cool. Maybe you can go and visit it one day.
the below is a reply to the original answer
What about Interstellar objects however, like Oumuamua? DVK: The two that we have seen - 'Oumuamua and comet Borisov - were much smaller than the Saarland (or Rhode Island ;-) - not sure about Borisov, but 'Oumuamua was a few hundred meters in size. So while they could indeed come as a complete surprise, they are so rare that I wouldn't worry.
Would the public be informed if an impending asteroid event were to happen? And, how would the extinction play out? Bunch of people crushed to death, knocked off our orbit, dust clouds forever? DVK: We do not keep things secret – all our info is at the web page http://neo.ssa.esa.int. The ‘risky’ objects are in the ‘risk page’. We also put info on really close approaches there. It would also be very difficult to keep things ‘under cover’ – there are many high-quality amateur astronomers out there that would notice.
In 2029 asteroid Apophis will fly really close to Earth, even closer than geostationary satellites. Can we use some of those satellites to observe the asteroid? Is it possible to launch very cheap cube sats to flyby Apophis in 2029? DVK: Yes an Apophis mission during the flyby in 2029 would be really nice. We even had a special session on that topic at the last Planetary Defense Conference in 2019, and indeed CubeSats were mentioned. This would be a nice university project – get me a close-up of the asteroid with the Earth in the background!
the below is a reply to the above
So you’re saying it was discussed and shelved? In the conference we just presented ideas. To make them happen needs funding - in the case of ESA the support of our member countries. But having something presented at a conference is the first step. One of the results of the conference was a statement to space agencies to consider embarking on such a mission. See here: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/documents/336356/336472/PDC_2019_Summary_Report_FINAL_FINAL.pdf/341b9451-0ce8-f338-5d68-714a0aada29b?t=1569333739470
Go to the section 'resolutions'. This is now a statement that scientists can use to present to their funding agencies, demonstrating that it's not just their own idea.
Thanks for doing this AMA! Did we know the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 (the one which had some great videos on social media) was coming? Ig not, how comes? Also, as a little side one, have there been any fatalities from impact events in the past 20 years? Unfortunately, the Chelyabinsk object was not seen in advance, because it came from the direction of the Sun where ground-based telescopes cannot look.
No known fatalities from impacts have happened in the past 20 years, although the Chelyabinsk event did cause many injuries, fortunately mostly minor.
the below is a reply to the above
How often do impacts from that direction happen, compared to impacts from visible trajectories? In terms of fraction of the sky, the area that cannot be easily scanned from the ground is roughly a circle with a radius of 40°-50° around the current position of the Sun, corresponding to ~15% of the total sky. However, there is a slight enhancement of objects coming from that direction, therefore the fraction of objects that may be missed when heading towards us is a bit higher.
However, this applies only when detecting an asteroid in its "final plunge" towards the Earth. Larger asteroids can be spotted many orbits earlier, when they are farther away and visible in the night side of the sky. Their orbits can then be determined and their possible impacts predicted even years or decades in advance.
There must be a trade-off when targeting asteroids as they get closer to Earth, is there a rule of thumb at what the best time is to reach them, in terms of launch time versus time to reach the asteroid and then distance from Earth? DVK: Take e.g. a ‘kinetic impactor’ mission, like what DART and Hera are testing. Since we only change the velocity of the asteroid slightly, we need to hit the object early enough so that the object has time to move away from it’s collision course. Finding out when it is possible to launch requires simulations done by our mission analysis team. They take the strength of the launcher into account, also the available fuel for course corrections, and other things. Normally each asteroid has its own best scenario.
Do you also look at protecting the moon from asteroids? Would an impact of a large enough scale potentially have major impacts on the earth? DVK: There are programmes that monitor the Moon and look for flashes from impacting small asteroids (or meteoroids) - https://neliota.astro.noa.g or the Spanish MIDAS project. We use the data to improve our knowledge about these objects. These programmes just look at what is happening now.
For now we would not do anything if we predicted a lunar impact. I guess this will change once we have a lunar base in place.
Why aren't there an international organisation comprised of countries focused on the asteroid defence? Imagine like the organisation with multi-billion $ budget and program of action on funding new telescopes, asteroid exploration mission, plans for detection of potentially dangerous NEA, protocols on action after the detection - all international, with heads of states discussing these problems? DVK: There are international entities in place, mandated by the UN: The International Asteroid Warning Network (http://www.iawn.net) and the Space Mission Planning Advisory Group (http://www.smpag.net). These groups advise the United Nations. That is exactly where we come up with plans and protocols on action. But: They don’t have budget – that needs to come from elsewhere. I am expecting that if we have a real threat, we would get the budget. Right now, we don’t have a multi-billion budget.
the below is a reply to someone else's answer
There is no actual risk of any sizable asteroids hitting earth in the foreseeable future. Any preparation for it would just be a waste of money. DVK: Indeed, as mentioned earlier, we do not expect a large object to hit is in the near future. We are mainly worried about those in the size range of 20 m to 40 m, which happen on average every few tens of years to hundreds of years. And where we only know a percent of them or even less.
President Obama wanted to send a crewed spacecraft to an asteroid - in your opinion is this something that should still be done in the future, would there be any usefulness in having a human being walk/float on an asteroid's surface? DVK: It would definitely be cool. I would maybe even volunteer to go. Our current missions to asteroids are all robotic, the main reason is that it is much cheaper (but still expensive) to get the same science. But humans will expand further into space, I am sure. If we want to test human exploration activities, doing this at an asteroid would be easier than landing on a planet.
this is another reply Yes, but I am slightly biased by the fact that I work at the European astronaut centre ;) There exist many similarities to what we currently do for EVA (extra vehicular activities) operations on the International Space Station versus how we would 'float' around an asteroid. Slightly biased again, but using such a mission to test exploration technologies would definitely still have value. Thanks Obama! - AC
I've heard that some asteroids contains large amounts of iron. Is there a possibility that we might have "space mines" in the far away future, if our own supply if iron runs out? Yes, this is a topic in the field known as space mining, part of what we call Space Resources. In fact, learning how we can process material we might find on asteroids or other planetary bodies is increasingly important, as it opens up the opportunities for sustainable exploration and commercialization. Its a technology we need to master, and asteroids can be a great target for testing how we can create space mines :) - AC
By how much is DART expected to deflect Didymos? Do we have any indication of the largest size of an asteroid we could potentially deflect? PM: Didymos is a binary asteroid, consisting of a main asteroid Didymos A (~700m) and a smaller asteroid Didymos B (~150m) orbiting around A with a ~12 hours period. DART is expected to impact Didymos B and change its orbital period w.r.t. Didymos A of ~1%. (8 mins)
The size of Didymos B is the most representative of a potential threat to Earth (the highest combination of probability and consequence of impacts), meaning smaller asteroids hit the Earth more often but have less severe consequences, larger asteroids can have catastrophic consequences but their probability of hitting the earth is very very low.
the below is a reply to the above
Why is there less probability of larger asteroids hitting earth? DVK: There are less large objects out there. The smaller they are, the more there are.
the below is a reply to the original answer
Is there any chance that your experiment will backfire and send the asteroid towards earth? PM: Not at all, or we would not do that :) Actually Dimorphos (the Didymos "moon") will not even leave its orbit around Didymos. It will just slightly change its speed.
I'm sure you've been asked this many times but how realistic is the plot of Armageddon? How likely is it that our fate as a species will rely on (either) Bruce Willis / deep sea oil drillers? Taking into consideration that Bruce Willis is now 65 and by the time HERA is launched he will be 69, I do not think that we can rely on him this time (although I liked the movie).
HERA will investigate what method we could use to deflect asteroid and maybe the results will show that we indeed need to call the deep sea oil drillers.
the below is a reply to the above
So then would it be easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts, or to train astronauts to be oil drillers? I do not know which one would be easier since I have no training/experience of deep see oil drilling nor becoming an astronaut, but as long as the ones that would go to asteroid have the sufficient skills and training (even Bruce Willis), I would be happy.
If budget was no object, which asteroid would you most like to send a mission to? Nice question! For me, I'd be looking at an asteroid we know something about, since I would be interested in using it for testing how we could extract resources from it. So for me, I would choose Itokawa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/25143_Itokawa), which was visited by Hayabusa spacecraft. So we already have some solid prospecting carried out for this 'roid! - AC
this is another reply Not sure if it counts as an asteroid, but Detlef and myself would probably choose ʻOumuamua, the first discovered interstellar object.
the below is a reply to the above
Do we even have the capability to catch up to something like that screaming through our solar system? That thing has to have a heck of a velocity to just barrel almost straight through like that. DVK: Correct, that would be a real challenge. We are preparing for a mission called 'Comet Interceptor' that is meant to fly to an interstellar object or at least a fresh comet - but it will not catch up with it, it will only perform a short flyby.
After proving to be able to land on one, could an asteroid serve as a viable means to transport goods and or humans throughout the solar system when the orbit of said asteroid proves beneficial. While it is probably quite problematic to land the payload, it could save fuel or am I mistaken? Neat idea! Wonder if anyone has done the maths on the amount of fuel you would need/save vs certain targets. - AC
PM: To further complement, the saving is quite marginal indeed because in order to land (softly) on the asteroid you actually need to get into the very same orbit of that asteroid . At that point your orbit remains the same whether you are on the asteroid or not..
can the current anti-ballistic missiles systems intercept a terminal phase earth strike asteroid? or it is better to know beforehand and launch an impacting vehicle into space? DVK: While I do see presentations on nuclear explosions to deflect asteroids at our professional meetings, I have not seen anybody yet studying how we could use existing missile systems. So it's hard to judge whether existing missiles would do the job. But in general, it is better to know as early as possible about a possible impact and deflect it as early as possible. This will minimize the needed effort.
How much are we prepared against asteroid impacts at this moment? DVK: 42… :-) Seriously – I am not sure how to quantify ‘preparedness’. We have international working groups in place, mentioned earlier (search for IAWN, SMPAG). We have a Planetary Defence Office at ESA, a Planetary Defense Office at NASA (who spots the difference?), search the sky for asteroids, build space missions… Still we could be doing more. More telescopes to find the object, a space-based telescope to discover those that come from the direction of the Sun. Different test missions would be useful, … So there is always more we could do.
Have you got any data on the NEO coverage? Is there estimations on the percentage of NEOs we have detected and are tracking? How can we improve the coverage? How many times have asteroids been able to enter earths atmosphere without being detected beforehand? Here’s our recently updated infographics with the fraction of undiscovered NEOs for each size range: https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2018/06/Asteroid_danger_explained
As expected, we are now nearly complete for the large ones, while many of the smaller ones are still unknown.
In order to improve coverage, we need both to continue the current approach, centered on ground-based telescopes, and probably also launch dedicated telescopes to space, to look at the fraction of the sky that cannot be easily observed from the ground (e.g., towards the Sun).
Regarding the last part of your question, small asteroids enter the Earth atmosphere very often (the infographics above gives you some numbers), while larger ones are much rarer.
In the recent past, the largest one to enter our atmosphere was about 20 meters in diameter, and it caused the Chelyabinsk event in 2013. It could not be detected in advance because it came from the direction of the Sun.
We have however detected a few small ones before impact. The first happened in 2008, when a ~4-meter asteroid was found to be on a collision course less than a day before impact, it was predicted to fall in Northern Sudan, and then actually observed falling precisely where (and when) expected.
this is another reply >After
DVK: And to add what MM said - Check out http://neo.ssa.esa.int. There is a ‘discovery statistics’ section which provides some of the info you asked about. NASA is providing similar information here https://cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/stats/. To see the sky which is currently covered by the survey telescopes, you need to service of the Minor Planet Center which we all work together with: http://www.minorplanetcenter.org, ‘observers’, ‘sky coverage’. That is a tool we use to plan where we look with our telescopes, so it is a more technical page.
Are there any automatic systems for checking large numbers of asteroids orbits, to see if the asteroid's orbit is coming dangerously close to Earth, or is it done by people individually for every asteroid? I ask it because LSST Rubin is coming online soon and you know it will discover a lot of new asteroids. Yes, such systems exist, and monitor all known and newly discovered asteroids in order to predict possible future impacts.
The end result of the process is what we call "risk list": http://neo.ssa.esa.int/risk-page
It is automatically updated every day once new observational data is processed.
What are your favourite sci-fi series? DVK: My favorites are ‘The Expanse’, I also liked watching ‘Salvation’. For the first one I even got my family to give me a new subscription to a known internet streaming service so that I can see the latest episodes. I also loved ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘The Flintstones’ as a kid. Not sure the last one counts as sci-fi though. My long-time favorite was ‘Dark Star’.
this is another reply Big fan of The Expanse at the moment. Nice, hard sci-fi that has a good impression of being grounded in reality - AC
this is another reply When I was a kid I liked The Jetsons, when growing up Star Trek, Star wars and I also used to watch with my sister the 'V'.
When determining the potential threat of a NEA, is the mass of an object a bigger factor or size? I'm asking because I'm curious if a small but massive object (say, with the density of Psyche) could survive atmospheric entry better than a comparatively larger but less massive object. The mass is indeed what really matters, since it’s directly related with the impact energy.
And as you said composition also matters, a metal object would survive atmospheric entry better, not just because it’s heavier, but also because of its internal strength.
What are your thoughts on asteroid mining as portrayed in sci-fi movies? Is it feasible? If so would governments or private space programs be the first to do so?What type of minerals can be found on asteroids that would merit the costs of extraction? Certainly there is valuable stuff you can find on asteroids. For example, the likely easiest material you can harvest from an asteroid would be volatiles such as H2O. Then you have industrial metals, things like Iron, Nickel, and Platinum group metals. Going further, you can break apart many of the oxide minerals you would find to get oxygen (getting you closer to producing rocket fuel in-situ!). Its feasible, but still needs alot of testing both here on Earth and eventually needs to be tested on a target. It may be that governments, via agencies like ESA or NASA, may do it first, to prove the principles somewhat, but I know many commercial entities are also aggresively working towards space mining. To show you that its definitely possible, I'd like to plug the work of colleagues who have processed lunar regolith (which is similar to what you may find on asteroids) to extract both oxygen and metals. Check it out here: http://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2019/10/Oxygen_and_metal_from_lunar_regolith
Will 2020's climax be a really big rock? DVK: Let's hope not...
Considering NASA, ESA, IAU etc. is working hard to track Earth-grazing asteroids, how come the Chelyabinsk object that airburst over Russia in 2013 came as a total surprise? The Chelyabinsk object came from the direction of the Sun, where unfortunately ground-based telescopes cannot look at. Therefore, it would not have been possible to discover it in advance with current telescopes. Dedicated space telescopes are needed to detect objects coming from this direction in advance.
the below is a reply to the above
Is this to say that it was within specific solid angles for the entire time that we could have observed it given its size and speed? Yes, precisely that. We got unlucky in this case.
Have any of you read Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven? In your opinion, how realistic is his depiction of an asteroid strike on Earth? DVK: I have – but really long ago, so I don’t remember the details. But I do remember that I really liked the book, and I remember I always wanted to have a Hot Fudge Sundae when reading it.
I was thinking about the asteroid threat as a teen and came up with this ideas (Hint: they are not equally serious, the level of craziness goes up real quick). Could you please comment on their feasibility? 1. Attaching a rocket engine to an asteroid to make it gradually change trajectory, do that long in advance and it will miss Earth by thousands of km 2. Transporting acid onto asteroid (which are mainly metal), attaching a dome-shaped reaction chamber to it, using heat and pressure to then carry out the chemical reaction to disintegrate asteroids 3. This one is even more terrible than a previous one and totally Dan Brown inspired — transporting antimatter on asteroid, impacting and causing annihilation. Thank you for this AMA and your time! DVK: Well the first one is not so crazy, I have seen it presented... the difficulty is that all asteroids are rotating in one way or another. So if you continuously fire the engine it would not really help. You'd need to switch the engine on and off. Very complex. And landing on an asteroid is challenging too. Just using the 'kinetic impactor' which we will test with DART/Hera (described elsewhere in this chat) is simpler. Another seriously proposed concept is to put a spacecraft next to an asteroid and use an ion engine (like we have on our Mercury mission BepiColombo) to 'push' the asteroid away.
As for 2 and 3 I think I will not live to see that happening ;-)
What is the process to determine the orbit of a newly discovered asteroid? The process is mathematically quite complex, but here's a short summary.
Everything starts with observations, in particular with measurements of the position of an asteroid in the sky, what we call "astrometry". Discovery telescopes extract this information from their discovery images, and make it available to everybody.
These datapoints are then used to calculate possible trajectories ("orbits") that pass through them. At first, with very few points, many orbits will be possible.
Using these orbits we can extrapolate where the asteroid will be located during the following nights, use a telescope to observe that part of the sky, and locate the object again.
From these new observations we can extract new "astrometry", add it to the orbit determination, and see that now only some of the possible orbits will be compatible with the new data. As a result, we now know the trajectory better than before, because a few of the possible orbits are not confirmed by the new data.
The cycle can then continue, with new predictions, new observations, and a more accurate determination of the object's orbit, until it can be determined with an extremely high level of accuracy.
What are some asteroids that are on your "watchlist"? We have exactly that list on our web portal: http://neo.ssa.esa.int/risk-page
It's called "risk list", and it includes all known asteroids for which we cannot exclude a possible impact over the next century. It is updated every day to include newly discovered asteroids, and remove those that have been excluded as possible impactors thanks to new observations.
the below is a reply to the above
That's quite a list!! Do you guys ever feel stressed or afraid when you have to add another dangerous candidate (and by dangerous I mean those above 200m) is added to this Risk List? Yes, when new dangerous ones are added it's important that we immediately do our best to gather more data on them, observing them with telescopes in order to get the information we need to improve our knowledge of their orbit.
And then the satisfaction of getting the data needed to remove one from the list is even greater!
What inspired you to go into this field of study? I was fascinated by astronomy in general since I was a kid, but the actual "trigger" that sparked my interest in NEOs was a wonderful summer course on asteroids organized by a local amateur astronomers association. I immediately decided that I would do my best to turn this passion into my job, and I'm so happy to have been able to make that dream come true.
this is another reply DVK: I started observing meteors when I was 14, just by going outside and looking at the night sky. Since then, small bodies in the solar system were always my passion.
As a layperson, I still think using nuclear weapons against asteroids is the coolest method despite better methods generally being available. Do you still consider the nuclear option the cool option, or has your expertise in the field combined with the real-life impracticalities made it into a laughable/silly/cliche option? DVK: We indeed still study the nuclear option. There are legal aspects though, the ‘outer space treaty’ forbids nuclear explosions in space. But for a large object or one we discover very late it could be useful. That’s why we have to focus on discovering all the objects out there as early as possible – then we have time enough to use more conventional deflection methods, like the kinetic impactor (the DART/Hera scenario).
It seems like doing this well would require international cooperation, particularly with Russia. Have you ever reached out to Russia in your work? Do you have a counterpart organization there that has a similar mission? DVK: Indeed international cooperation is important - asteroids don't know about our borders! We work with a Russian team to perform follow-up observations of recently discovered NEOs. Russia is also involved in the UN-endorsed working groups that we have, IAWN and SMPAG (explained in another answer).
how much can experts tell from a video of a fireball or meteor? Can you work out what it's made of and where it came from? https://www.reddit.com/space/comments/hdf3xe/footage_of_a_meteor_at_barrow_island_australia/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x If multiple videos or pictures, taken from different locations, are available, then it's possible to reconstruct the trajectory, and extrapolate where the object came from.
Regarding the composition, it's a bit more difficult if nothing survives to the ground, but some information can be obtained indirectly from the fireball's color, or its fragmentation behavior. If a spectral analysis of the light can be made, it's then possible to infer the chemical composition in much greater detail.
I've always wanted to know what the best meteorite buying site is and what their average price is?? DVK: Serious dealers will be registered with the 'International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA)' - https://www.imca.cc/. They should provide a 'certificate of authenticity' where it says that they are member there. If you are in doubt, you can contact the association and check. Normally there are rough prices for different meteorite types per gram. Rare meteorites will of course be much more expensive than more common ones. Check the IMCA web page to find a dealer close to you.
Just read through Aidans link to the basaltic rock being used as a printing material for lunar habitation. There is a company called Roxul that does stone woven insulation that may be able to shed some light on the research they have done to minimize their similarity to asbestos as potentially carcinogenic materials deemed safe for use in commercial and residential applications. As the interior surfaces will essentially be 3D printed lunar regolith what are the current plans to coat or dampen the affinity for the structure to essentially be death traps for respiratory illness? At least initially, many of these 3d printed regolith structures would not be facing into pressurised sections, but would rather be elements placed outside and around our pressure vessels. Such structures would be things like radiation shields, landing pads or roadways, etc. In the future, if we move towards forming hermetically sealed structures, then your point is a good one. Looking into terrestrial solutions to this problem would be a great start! - AC
What kind of career path does it take to work in the asteroid hunting field? It's probably different for each of us, but here's a short summary of my own path.
I became interested in asteroids, and near-Earth objects in particular, thanks to a wonderful summer course organized by a local amateur astronomers association. Amateur astronomers play a great role in introducing people, and young kids in particular, to these topics.
Then I took physics as my undergrad degree (in Italy), followed by a Ph.D. in astronomy in the US (Hawaii in particular, a great place for astronomers thanks to the exceptional telescopes hosted there).
After finishing the Ph.D. I started my current job at ESA's NEO Coordination Centre, which allowed me to realize my dream of working in this field.
this is another reply DVK: Almost all of us have a Master's degree either in aerospace engineering, mathematics, physics/astronomy/planetary science, or computer science. Some of us - as MM - have a Ph.D. too. But that's not really a requirement. This is true for our team at ESA, but also for other teams in other countries.
What is the likelihood of an asteroid hitting the Earth In the next 200 years? It depends on the size, large ones are rare, while small ones are much more common. You can check this infographics to get the numbers for each size class: https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2018/06/Asteroid_danger_explained
Have you played the Earth Defence Force games and if you have, which one is your favourite? No I have not played the Earth Defence Force games, but I just looked it up and I think I would liked it. Which one would you recommend?
How close is too close to earth? Space is a SUPER vast void so is 1,000,000 miles close, 10,000,000? And if an asteroid is big enough can it throw earth off its orbit? DVK: Too close for my taste is when we compute an impact probability > 0 for the object. That means the flyby distance is zero :-) Those are the objects on our risk page http://neo.ssa.esa.int/risk-page.
If an object can alter the orbit of another one, we would call it planet. So unless we have a rogue planet coming from another solar system (verrry unlikely) we are safe from that.
How can I join you when I'm older? DVK: Somebody was asking about our career paths... Study aerospace engineering or math or physics or computer science, get a Masters. Possibly a Ph.D. Then apply for my position when I retire. Check here for how to apply at ESA: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/Careers_at_ESA/Frequently_asked_questions2#HR1
How much is too much? DVK: 42 again
Are you aware of any asteroids that are theoretically within our reach, or will be within our reach at some point, that are carrying a large quantity of shungite? If you're not aware, shungite is like a 2 billion year old like, rock stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. I bought a whole bunch of the stuff. Put them around the la casa. Little pyramids, stuff like that. DVK: If I remember my geology properly, Shungite forms in water sedimental deposits. This requires liquid water, i.e. a larger planet. So I don't think there is a high chance to see that on asteroids.
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The Real Reason It Feels Like A Constant Content Drought

So this was originally a comment, but I think it really deserved to be its own post because I think it's super important. You can skip my original comment if you just want to get to my main point. I explain quite a bit in the comment so I recommend reading it.
The problem with Warframe is it literally has no depth outside of being a huge completionist trap. TLDR at bottom ig
After the cinematics, the player is looking to dive into the world of Warframe further, but instead, they find isolated islands of grind and no replay value. The only thing worth really doing is grinding weapon leveling and MR. All the "cool" updates are isolated from the main game and offer you nothing you could really want outside of cosmetics. The main game is untouched. The tutorial still isn't added as far as I know, we have little in-game resources to help new players, we still have very little reason to be attached to the characters due to lack of story and development, the missions lack variety and are bland/boring after a while, combat can be quite binary as the player vs enemy scalings are all sorts of messed up, and the story is all over the place for new players to figure out somehow (eg: Alad V).
Overall, there's too many islands and DE has been adding layers and layers onto the optional grind that offers little rewards and just ignore the main game. We want story quests, we want replay value (Replay value does not mean grinding. Replay value comes from rewarding a player adequately for showing enough effort for it. Having to grind for something over and over isn't rewarding. Things like puzzles are rewarding.), we want an immersive and believable world that we can interact with, and we want a cohesive game experience.
Pretty much all of my favorite moments in Warframe are lore driven quests. The Orb Mother quest was impactful because it shows the dark history of Solaris United. Chains Of Harrow was impactful because it was cinematic, it evoked emotion, and it expanded the Warframe universe in a new way. The Second Dream and The War Within shouldn't need explanations. Apostacy was heartbreaking. The Sacrifice almost made me CRY for Umbra. Considering this, why do we have so little quests if the quests ARE the main game???? Why do we keep spending so many resources on islands of grind?
My (more than likely controversial) opinion: start making more lore-based quests. It doesn't even have to be tied to the main story; in fact, we have way too little that arent tied to the main story. Having quests that just make Warframe's universe come alive are much needed. We don't have many quests that help us get attached to Lotus, Ordis, or any character really. The one we get most attached to is the Spoiler because we have multiple missions just focusing on them. Lock GOOD rewards behind these quests too, like new or old weapons (as these are meant to be for newer players). Players don't stay long because there's no reason to keep playing after the story unless you're a completionist.
If you want to have these islands of farm, then make them worthwhile to grind. The only things worth grinding open worlds for is captura stuff and amps, the only thing worth grinding Railjack for is the story quest, the only thing worth grinding liches for is the weapons (The weapons are usually just MR fodder so idk), and theres flat out no reason to play archwing or conclave. Again, my controversial opinion is to just take some weapons out of the market and just put them in some of these places somewhere. A key thing here though is DONT make it the only way to get it as this will always trigger a portion of your player base; providing several alternatives will always make the most people happy. Another point is to just fix the parts of the game the players hate... This is kind of ridiculous how much stuff gets put out then ignored. I hear many ideas about Conclave, Archwing, etc but they just rot. This is NOT good, as these are potential ways to make the game better that were just poorly executed and need reworks. These islands of grind need more work to actually be taken seriously, but should also not become the focus of the game like they were this year.
TLDR: Main game is the quests but there's far too little; too little lore and story and not much connection to characters, far too many isolated islands of content that don't work for one reason or another, some parts of the game are left to rot instead of being looked at, player and enemy scalings need a rework possibly, start migrating weapons from buying to rewarding them (controversial opinion), rewards vs effort needs to be looked at, and finally the game shouldn't just be about completionism.
Also, on a final note: If players can obviously notice something being time padded, you're doing it wrong cough Rising Tide.
Edit: Forgot to mention that the Jovian Concord was a step in the right direction for the newer players. Edit 2: Also forgot to mention that my ideas are highly focused around people currently going through the game and to help them have a better experience.
So as you can see, the reason we always think that there's a content drought is that there kind of is. The main game gets a quest about once a year and that's it pretty much. These grind islands like PoE, Fortuna, etc are NOT the main game but a lot of time is spent developing those. Saya's vigil and Vox Solaris are good steps to including them into the main game, but one quest is definitely not enough and there's no incentive to grind them after that except for amps and lenses. Railjack and Liches weren't supposed to be one of these islands, but as usual, theres 0 reason to play it after the quest.
We need way more quests in-game. We need more tutorial quests, more quests to get to know the characters, more quest to get to know the universe of Warframe, we need quests that are in order to fix the messy event lore, and we need these quest to incentivize going to different places and have them give you decent rewards.
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Star Wars suggestions for the future

Some cool cosmetic ideas I thought of that Epic can use for their next collab are: A forged Jedi (customizable like Maya, except you can create your own Jedi male or female) A forged Lightsaber (creating your own lightsaber, options are single blade, double blade, crossguard, dual wield, and darksaber) A forged Mandalorian Release a $25-$50 pack for Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy skins and include edit styles as their Battlefront 2 skins New concept that could actually be pretty cool to see normally, but want to include it for this post: Weapon Mastercraft/Weapon Blueprints (basically changes the look of the gun, like an E-11 or A-280C could replace the normal AR models. If not then release wraps Star Wars themed or accordingly to their weapons.) Tracer rounds that could turn normal bullets into blasters (can choose between red, blue, and green.) Hopefully by when The Mandalorian Season 2 releases, a Mando skin with Baby Yoda as a pet backbling, and his ship as a glider. Maybe Moff Gideon and his darksaber as a pickaxe, an IG-11 skin, and Kara Dune as well. Music packs from the movies. Let us be able buy stuff like the theme, Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, Cantina Band, Yoda's Theme, Binary Sunset, Battle of the Heroes, Across the Stars, and I could go onn and onnn.. Emotes like The Cantina Band, a lightsaber duel emote you can use with other players like the high five, the Han Solo dance from the Kinect game, and the Boba Fett dance from Star Wars Weekends.
If you guys have any more things to suggest please leave them in the comments, I'd love to hear all your opinions!
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how The Arcana helped me figure out my gender, pronouns and in the end, a name

It's simple, really. I found out about The Arcana through an ig post praising the game for having the option to use neutral, they/them pronouns. Me, a confused wee lil lad questioning his gender who also happened to care a lot about inclusion, was amazed.
Essentially The Arcana helped me experiment with different pronouns and names as the player is often addressed and reffered to in the story. It was so helpful I can't stress it enough. The way I eventually realized I'm most comfortable with he/him pronouns and the way I eventually settled on a name I feel fits me most was through this game and changing this information in it.
I'm very curious to know whether anyone else had a similar experience?
P.S. The Arcana should be praised as a piece of media that has canonically lgbtq characters, including but not limited to same sex couples and non binary characters, without it being a big deal. The Arcana shows that being inclusive and neutral doesn't need to be this huge, inconvenient or commercial thing. Like, it's that easy to just be inclusive.
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Catalina with Broadwell GVT-g on Linux [Take 2]

Catalina with Broadwell GVT-g on Linux [Take 2]
Hello again, Reddit!
We're back!
Life took over and high school didn't get any easier. My apologies for the 9 month delay in this promised continued attempt from the previous post: https://www.reddit.com/hackintosh/comments/c0nrc8/catalina_with_broadwell_gvtg_in_linux/
This is going to be a long post, as this project has had several incarnations and lots of people wondering about it. I will be reaching out to as many of you as possible now that the coronavirus has given me several weeks out of physical school.
Table of Contents
  1. Current Hardware/Software
  2. Modification attempts so far
  3. Details on current issues/failures
  4. Addressing 9 months worth of community backlog
  5. Plan for getting this to work
I. Current Hardware/Software configs
TL;DR: 1) Linux 5.6-rc7 WITH patch, 2) qemu 4.2.0, 3) Ubuntu 20.04 dev branch
I am still using OSX-KVM's basic setup, including their prebuilt clover and some inspiration from their ng boot script.
Time went on and I'm still with the same MacBookAir7,2 but now on Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) dev branch. I also have a clean 10.15.3 install (working and booting) along with a custom compiled 5.6-rc7 kernel WITH the following patch for edid on BDW host:
I have a custom compiled qemu-4.2.0 for the latest possible code. I'm sure it's been updated since I compiled it about 2 months ago and am working on updating it.
My boot config to facilitate debugging:
boot-args= -v amfi_get_out_of_my_way=0x1 serial=1 intcoproc_unrestricted=1 amfi_allow_any_signature=1 amfi_unrestrict_task_for_pid=1 PE_i_can_has_debugger=1
csr_active_config=0x80 (new value that unrestricts everything)
edid: I used https://edid.tv/edid/98/. Just download the binary and xxd -p it into the Clover Configurator CustomEDID blank. You can use any edid like this. You can also just use my config.plist from the drive folder; it has this already set.
If you'd like the full configs I'm using, please see the following google drive folder:
If you're going to use the scripts I made, you'll need to edit:
make_vfio.sh: the chown line; replace with your user
qemu-install2.sh: drives, vfio path (if not using mine), net config (if not using mine)
net_kholia.sh: the tunctl command, replace my username with yours
II. Modification attempts so far
Clover: Right now, I have an ig-platform-id=0x16260006 to match my real macbook air. I also have set InjectIntel=true which seems to fix the new error: "[IGPU] Graphics driver failed to load: could not register with Framebuffer driver!".
Linux GVTg KERNEL: The edid BDW enablement patch is ONE of the two options for enabling QE/CI on the macOS accelerator kext. The other is a VM-side patch, possibly a binpatch or a clover EDID injection. I tried both; neither currently works.
Linux GVTg USERSPACE: No patches. I have a custom compiled, but vanilla, qemu 4.2.0.
macOS: no binpatches. It seems the kernel panic trigger that had to be binpatched in the past no longer exists, or perhaps the code has been rewritten internally. Reverse-engineering BDWGraphics to find out what is and isn't happening is definitely something to look to in the near future. It is possible that this was fixed by kvm.ignore_msrs=1 boot-arg, this linux arg also allows for non-penryn cpus to be used (I am using -cpu host in my qemu script).

III. Details on current issues/failures
  1. Current status: macOS booting with BDW kexts loaded but no display detected and possible BDW kext self-disabling.

qemu log shows: qemu-system-x86_64: vfio_pci_write_config(a297db4a-f4c2-11e6-90f6-d3b88d6c9525, 0x4, 0x900417, 0x4) failed: Bad address
This, along with the fact that the earlier kernel panic no longer occurs, AND the lack of BDW messages printed to kernel log, leads me to believe that somewhere in the BDW binary there is some logic failure. I may be wrong though:
Something seems to have changed, or it may just be me now with the MSR's being ignored having fixed the original panic that still could occur. Either way, there's no way to be sure if clover CustomEDID is working or not. It didn't work last time when the BDW kexts definitively did load and we saw printf's of it doing loading routines. There's a lot of uncertainty as I only just got this up and running today.
2) Kernel EDID patch: This came out around December and I'm very naive for not realizing I could've made this patch myself. It simply removed the Skylake/Kabylake platform detection logic and makes the edid function work on all platforms. Regardless, with the patch, a kernel oops occurs on the function intel_vgpu_reg_rw_edid in drivers/drm/i915/kvmgt.c. It is a null pointer dereference, working on getting the kprintf from it. This is a current area of attention. It may be because I'm using xres=1280 yres=800 on a GVT with maxres 1024x768, I'll work on using the 1920x1200 one instead and seeing if it still crashes.
The commit log for the patch from the intel guy said that all platforms should support the edid region. If anyone could test EDID on an "officially" supported platform, either Skylake or Kabylake, and see if you get the same oops with 5.6-rc7, please do so. If it just oopses on all platforms due to a regression, I may be able to compile a different kernel that doesn't cause a dereference. If Broadwell really doesn't support the EDID region when forced to, then this may be a blocking issue for the whole project (I don't possess any later hardware). WORKING ON THIS RIGHT NOW
IV. Addressing 9 months worth of community backlog
I don't want to be the kid whining about high school. I generally do very well, but it definitely takes some effort being at a infamously-academically difficult private school in the Orlando area. Now that we're "off" for several weeks, I'm prepared to dedicate a lot of time to getting this furthered.
amorooc ct_the_man_doll I saw your thread here: https://www.reddit.com/VFIO/comments/a2bnv3/state_of_gvtg_macos_support/
Please let me know all your questions! I will be active on reddit through the next several weeks. Have y'all been doing GVT-g since then?
TheRacerMaster I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you been in the GVT-g scene since the High Sierra attempt? Contact me if you'd like to work on this privately; otherwise this post should be good to document progress for everyone.
spicypixel I saw your comment on the original Catalina attempt, as of now it is no longer abandoned!
davidgarazaz lilolalu please take a look here!
TrashConvo it's working but no display yet. I have screensharing on and using that to force using the BDW (-vga none).
/u/WesolyKubeczek you have the most promising story. I may be able to get there if I can get BDW edid working (not supported by a simple logic fail on kvmgt.c). Please tell us about if you ever got anywhere further?
8700t I'm curious: what binpatches with lilu? How did your demo work?
sobe3249 yes, I have the same vfio invalid issue. Currently investigating. Help would be appreciated!

If there's anyone I've missed, I didn't forget about you. This project has definitely grown further than I ever expected it to, beyond a weekend attempt. I'm crossposting this to several subreddits to make sure everyone who I wasn't able to get to in 9 months has a chance to participate in some real progress once more.
Thank you all! Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
V. Plan for getting this to work.
  1. Kernel EDID oops: working on this. If I can get this to work, then we may be a step away from QE/CI as the drivers seem to load?
  2. BDWGraphics: there are no longer any printfs and a weird pci invalid region. Any thoughts on this? No kernel panic anymore, it's likely due to the msr's being ignored with boot-arg. But there's no [IGPU] init printfs anymore. That worries me, though it could just be a code rewrite by Apple/Intel.
  3. Qemu: currently working on the crash connected to the edid patch.
Theoretically, all we need to get working is an EDID injection. It could be in Clover, another bootloader, or in the linux kernel vfio itself. Perhaps that new hip bootloader that everyone's suddenly using would be worth trying if it has edid patching functionality? I have no idea what it is besides that its called OpenCore or something like that.
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Thread Extension: Additional topics on nandrolone as an androgen in transgender people

Main thread on nandrolone as an androgen in transgender people is here.

Additional topics on nandrolone

Availability of nandrolone
Nandrolone esters remain widely available for medical use throughout the world (Drugs.com). However, the availability of AAS, including nandrolone esters, has become increasingly limited over time. The shorter-acting ester nandrolone phenylpropionate is no longer available in the United States or many other countries, and the more favorable longer-acting nandrolone decanoate was discontinued in the United States in 2019. However, nandrolone decanoate remains available from compounding pharmacies in the United States, for instance AnazaoHealth. It is only available from this particular pharmacy at a very high concentration of 200 mg/mL however, which although a potentially workable concentration for use in transmasculine people, is likely completely impractical for use in transfeminine people. Compounding pharmacies might be able to do custom concentrations upon request though. Aside from legal means, some also obtain nandrolone on the black market.
Another potential means of delivering nandrolone is via an orally active nandrolone androgen prohormone like 19-nordehydroepiandrosterone (19-nor-DHEA). This compound is converted into nandrolone analogously to the use of DHEA as a prohormone of testosterone (Wiki). It is sold as an over-the-counter supplement from certain online vendors, similarly to DHEA. 19-Nor-DHEA may be a more suitable option for transfeminine people due to the lower doses needed and less suitable for transmasculine people due to the much higher doses required.
Dosage of nandrolone
The dosage of nandrolone for use in androgen replacement therapy in women and men hasn't been established. Hence, we don't completely know what the appropriate dose is for use in transfeminine and transmasculine hormone therapy. In any case, it is possible for us to estimate.
Nandrolone is closely related to testosterone but is roughly 3-fold more potent in rodents (Tóth & Zakár, 1986). We're not sure how much more potent nandrolone is in humans in comparison. Some clinical studies comparing nandrolone and testosterone have been conducted but we nonetheless don't have exact figures at this time (Neff et al., 1981; Friedl et al., 1989; Friedl, 1991; Hobbs et al., 1993; Hobbs, Jones, & Plymate, 1996; Crawford et al., 2003; Gold et al., 2006; Sardar et al., 2010). In any case, 150–200 mg/2 weeks nandrolone decanoate i.m. resulted in changes in body composition that were about twice as large as those of 200–250 mg/2 weeks testosterone esters i.m. in men with wasting conditions (Crawford et al., 2003; Gold et al., 2006; Sardar et al., 2010). The findings of these studies are roughly in line with 3-fold greater potency of nandrolone relative to testosterone.
One review recommended a clinical dose range in males of 50–400 mg/2–4 weeks for testosterone enanthate or cypionate but 50–100/3–4 weeks for nandrolone decanoate (Hickson et al., 1989). This is also in line with several-fold higher potency of nandrolone relative to testosterone.
Transmasculine hormone therapy
A typical dosage of testosterone enanthate for use in androgen replacement therapy in cisgender and transgender men is 50 to 100 mg once per week by intramuscular injection (Wiki; Wiki). Hence, an appropriate dosage of nandrolone decanoate, assuming 3-fold greater potency than testosterone, might be about 16.7 to 33.3 mg once per week by intramuscular injection (ignoring the small differences in molecular weight between testosterone enanthate and nandrolone decanoate). However, it must be emphasized that these doses are merely guesses. It's notable that these doses are quite similar to those used in postmenopausal osteoporosis in women (about 12.5 to 25 mg per week total). Hence, although such doses have certainly been associated with masculinizing effects in women, they might be suboptimal in terms of masculinization for transmasculine people. Consequently, it's possible that a higher dose, like 50 mg once per week, might be better. In addition to weekly use, nandrolone decanoate has a duration suitable for use once every 2 weeks (Wiki-Graphs).
Nandrolone hexyloxyphenylpropionate (NHPP; brand name Anadur) was studied as a male hormonal contraceptive by the World Health Organization and others at a dose of 200 mg/3 weeks i.m. in combination with depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (Knuth et al., 1986; Nieschlag, 2010; Nieschlag & Behre, 2012). It was used as a replacement and alternative for testosterone and was given at a dosage of about 66.7 mg once per week. However, this was an intentionally supraphysiological dosage which was selected to achieve a male contraceptive effect, as suggested by suppression of gonadotropins to undetectable levels (Knuth et al., 1985). Hence, although safe and well-tolerated in limited studies, it might be a high dosage for transmasculine hormone therapy. Very high doses of nandrolone can reproduce the full spectrum of androgenic effects of testosterone and hence doses of nandrolone that are too high may serve to nullify its advantages over testosterone (van der Vies, 1985).
Transfeminine hormone therapy
In postmenopausal women, nandrolone decanoate has been used for general androgen replacement at a dose of 25 to 50 mg once every 6 to 12 weeks (about 2–8 mg/week or 0.29–1.14 mg/day) and for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis at a dose of 50 mg once every 2 to 4 weeks (about 12.5–25 mg/week or 1.8–3.6 mg/day) (Wiki; Wiki-Table). However, these doses of nandrolone decanoate are likely highly excessive for physiological androgen replacement in women and transfeminine people and are probably also spaced much too widely in terms of dosing interval. This is based on the following: (1) normal production of testosterone in premenopausal women is about 150 μg/day; (2) nandrolone is more potent than testosterone; and (3) time–concentration curves for nandrolone decanoate suggest that an appropriate dosing interval is once every 1 to 2 weeks (Wiki-Graphs). Indeed, nandrolone decanoate at 50 mg/2–4 weeks has been found to produce significant masculinizing effects in women with long-term use (Geusens, 1995; Wiki). Since nandrolone has high masculinizing potential in most tissues in the body, like muscle, bone, fat, and vocal tissue, it's very important that transfeminine people don't take doses that are too large.
Androgenic and masculinizing effects besides skin and hair
Nandrolone has sometimes been described as "non-masculinizing" or "minimally virilizing", but this is misleading and inaccurate. Nandrolone has high potential to produce masculinizing skeletal, fat, and muscular effects, like growth of muscles, widening of shoulders, masculine enlargement, elongation, and shaping of bones, and masculine distribution of fat. It also has high capacity to produce voice deepening (the vocal tissue notably being muscle). The only clear differences in masculinizing effect between nandrolone and testosterone are that nandrolone has a greatly reduced potential for androgenic effect in skin and hair follicles. Succinctly, nandrolone could be thought of as testosterone with minimization of the undesirable skin and hair effects.
Voice deepening with nandrolone
The vocal tissue, consisting of the vocal cords and the larynx are muscle, and 5α-reductase is expressed minimally or not at all in this tissue (Bhagavan, 2002; Kicman, 2008). Accordingly, voice deepening is normal in individuals with 5α-reductase type 2 deficiency (Imperato-McGinley & Zhu, 2002). As such, nandrolone would be expected to produce voice deepening similarly to testosterone. In accordance, voice deepening has been reported with nandrolone in women at doses used in postmenopausal osteoporosis (Gerritsma et al., 1994; Geusens, 1995; Frisoli et al., 2005). There are case reports of complete masculinization of the voice in women treated with excessive doses of nandrolone (Damsté, 1964; Baker, 1999). Voice changes have also been seen with nandrolone derivatives like normethandrone (Feldman et al., 1960).
Bottom growth with nandrolone
DHT is required for normal male sexual differentiation of the genitals during prenatal development. This is evidenced by 5α-reductase type 2 deficiency, in which the genitals are ambiguous but overall more female-like at birth and in childhood (Wiki). Although DHT is critical for prenatal genital masculinization, the same may not be true for pubertal development of the penis (Hiort, 2013). Individuals with 5α-reductase type 2 deficiency undergo masculinization of the genitals at puberty such that a small and near-functional penis develops (Photos; Peterson et al., 1977; Marks, 2004; Hiort, 2013). This is so striking that males with 5α-reductase type 2 deficiency in the Dominican Republic are referred to as "guevedoces", which is said to literally mean "penis at 12".
As 5α-reductase may not be critical for penile enlargement at puberty, nandrolone may allow for no less bottom growth (clitoral enlargement) in transmasculine people than does testosterone. Indeed, nandrolone has been reported to produce clitoral enlargement as a side effect in women and penile growth in prepubertal boys (Camerino & Sala, 1960; Camerino & Sciaky, 1975). Similar findings have been made for derivatives of nandrolone like normethandrone and norethandrolone (Feldman et al., 1960; Roche, Towns, & Wettenhall, 1963; Kirschvink et al., 1963; Prunty et al., 1958).
Sexual effects of nandrolone
Libido is normal in men with 5α-reductase type 2 deficiency (Imperato-McGinley & Zhu, 2002; Azzouni et al., 2012) and 5α-reductase inhibitors have only a small negative effect on sexual desire and function in men (Trost, Saitz, & Hellstrom, 2013; Mella et al., 2010; Hirshburg et al., 2016). Accordingly, nandrolone has been shown to maintain sexual function in men similarly to testosterone (Schürmeyer et al., 1984; Knuth et al., 1985; Knuth et al., 1986; Knuth et al., 1989; Behre et al., 1992; WHO, 1993; Behre et al., 2001). This has included libido, erection frequency, erectile function, and sexual activity. Trestolone has also been shown to maintain sexual desire and function in men similarly to testosterone (Suvisaari, 2000; Anderson et al., 1999; Anderson et al., 2003). In addition, use of trestolone for the treatment of breast cancer in women stimulated libido to such an extent that many of the women felt uncomfortable and chose to discontinue it (Suvisaari, 2000).
Liver safety of nandrolone
Nandrolone is not a 17α-alkylated steroid. Hence, unlike most orally used synthetic AAS like methyltestosterone, stanozolol, and oxandrolone, but similarly to testosterone, nandrolone has no risk of the liver toxicity associated with 17α-alkylated AAS (Handelsman, 2016).


Since the thread was posted (March 2020), a review suggesting nandrolone for transgender hormone therapy has been published (received April 2020 and published May 2020):
The review includes the following excerpts on nandrolone:
Other options may include nandrolone, an anabolic steroid administered via intramuscular injection, which is not as optimal a substrate for 5α-reductase as testosterone, but it has a stronger effect compared to the testosterone on target tissues devoid of 5α-reductase activity (e.g., muscular tissue) [15]. Indeed, nandrolone can be theoretically used in non-binary AFAB individuals requesting masculinization of body shape (i.e., increased muscle mass) with a limited increase in facial and body hair. Regarding the safety profile of this compound, data are limited by the fact that most observations come from the setting of androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) abuse [16,17], thus their applicability to appropriate medical therapy is limited [18]. In this setting, concerns about cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease risk emerged [19], although associated with the administration of nandrolone at extremely higher dosages [20]. Furthermore, nandrolone use does not seem associated to hepatotoxicity, since, as an injectable oil, it is not subject to first-pass hepatic metabolism.
Moreover, some AFAB transgender individuals can benefit from testosterone therapy combined with 5α-reductase inhibitors or from treatment with nandrolone (an androgenic compound less prone to 5α reduction) in case they wish only a partial virilization (i.e., voice deepening and lean mass increase without facial and body hair increase).
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Fun Times with PDQ deploy Part 2

Fun Times with PDQ deploy Part 2 continued from https://www.reddit.com/pdq/comments/digrx3/fun_times_with_pdq_deploy_part_1/
CCC Stars Wars A new hope
Step 1 - Create a copy file step in pdq to copy putty.exe to the C:\ drive on host computer
Step 2 - Create a command step in pdq with C:\putty.exe telnet://towel.blinkenlights.nl/
DDD Rick Rolling Ascii style - by Lee Holmes for pdq - I can understand your hesitation to run it, but I did and I lived =)
  1. Create a power shell script from the below neverGonna.
  2. Create a copy step in pdq with Copy neverGonna.ps1 to host C:\
  3. create a comman step in pdq with Command: Powershell.exe -File C:\neverGonna.ps1
Make sure properties and each step is set under the options tab to run as "Logged on User"
Make sure under conditions powershell5 is selected and logged on state is set to only if user is logged on.
neverGonna script - copy to a .ps1 file/create a powershell script

# PowerShell + HTML5 prototype. Needs audio. Run: iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("http://bit.ly/e0Mw9w") if($host.Name -ne "ServerRemoteHost") { Start-Process powershell -ArgumentList '-noprofile -noexit -command iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''http://bit.ly/e0Mw9w'')' return } $data = 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## Decompress the frames, which declare an array of strings $binaryData = [System.Convert]::FromBase64String($data) $ms = New-Object System.IO.MemoryStream $ms.Write($binaryData, 0, $binaryData.Length) $ms.Seek(0,0) | Out-Null $cs = New-Object System.IO.Compression.GZipStream($ms, [System.IO.Compression.CompressionMode]"Decompress") $sr = New-Object System.IO.StreamReader($cs) $structure = $sr.ReadToEnd() iex $structure ## Go through the frames, and re-scale them so that they have the ## proper aspect ratio in the console for($counter = 0; $counter -lt $frames.Count; $counter++) { $frame = $frames[$counter] $expansion = (@('$1') + (('$2','$3','$2','$3') | Get-Random -Count 4 | Sort)) -join '' $frame = (($frame -split "`t") -replace '(.)(.)(.)',$expansion) -join "`t" $frames[$counter] = $frame } ## Prepare the screen $counter = 0 $maxCounter = $frames.Count - 1 $host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColor = "White" $host.UI.RawUI.ForegroundColor = "Black" try { $host.UI.RawUI.WindowSize = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size 83,45 } catch {} try { $host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size 83,45 } catch {} try { $host.UI.RawUI.WindowSize = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size 83,45 } catch {} try { $host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size 83,45 } catch {} ## Open the background song $script = @' $player = New-Object -ComObject 'MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer' $player.Open("http://www.leeholmes.com/projects/ps_html5/background.mp3") $player '@ ## ... in a background MTA-threaded PowerShell because ## the MediaPlayer COM object doesn't like STA $runspace = [RunspaceFactory]::CreateRunspace() $runspace.ApartmentState = "MTA" $bgPowerShell = [PowerShell]::Create() $bgPowerShell.Runspace = $runspace $runspace.Open() $player = @($bgPowerShell.AddScript($script).Invoke())[0] try { ## Wait for it to buffer (or error out) while($true) { Start-Sleep -m 500 if($player.HasError -or ($player.ReadyState -eq 4)) { break } } Start-Sleep -m 1600 Clear-Host $host.UI.RawUI.CursorPosition = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Coordinates ` 0,([Console]::WindowHeight - 1) Write-Host -NoNewLine 'Q or ESC to Quit' ## Loop through the frames and display them [Console]::TreatControlCAsInput = $true while($true) { if([Console]::KeyAvailable) { $key = [Console]::ReadKey() if(($key.Key -eq 'Escape') -or ($key.Key -eq 'Q') -or ($key.Key -eq 'C')) { break } } if((-not $player.HasError) -and ($player.PlayState -eq 0)) { break } $host.UI.RawUI.CursorPosition = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Coordinates 0,0 Write-Host (($frames[$counter] -split "`t") -join "`r`n") Start-Sleep -m 100 $counter = ($counter + 1) % $maxCounter } } finally { ## Clean up, display exit screen Clear-Host $frames[-1] -split "`t" "`n" " Happy Scripting from PowerShell..." " and Rick ASCII!" "`n`n`n" $player.Stop() $bgPowerShell.Dispose() } 
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MAME 0.210

MAME 0.210

It’s time for the delayed release of MAME 0.210, marking the end of May. This month, we’ve got lots of fixes for issues with supported systems, as well as some interesting additions. Newly added hand-held and tabletop games include Tronica’s Shuttle Voyage and Space Rescue, Mattel’s Computer Chess, and Parker Brothers’ Talking Baseball and Talking Football. On the arcade side, we’ve added high-level emulation of Gradius on Bubble System hardware and a prototype of the Neo Geo game Viewpoint. For this release, Jack Li has contributed an auto-fire plugin, providing additional functionality over the built-in auto-fire feature.
A number of systems have had been promoted to working, or had critical issues fixed, including the Heathkit H8, Lola 8A, COSMAC Microkit, the Soviet PC clone EC-1840, Zorba, and COMX 35. MMU issues affecting Apollo and Mac operating systems have been addressed. Other notable improvements include star field emulation in Tutankham, further progress on SGI emulation, Sega Saturn video improvements, write support for the CoCo OS-9 disk image format, and preliminary emulation for MP3 audio on Konami System 573 games.
There are lots of software list additions this month. Possibly most notable is the first dump of a Hanimex Pencil II cartridge, thanks to the silicium.org team. Another batch of cleanly cracked and original Apple II software has been added, along with more ZX Spectrum +3 software, and a number of Colour Genie cassette titles.
That’s all we’ve got space for here, but there are lots more bug fixes, alternate versions of supported arcade games, and general code quality improvements. As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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Difference Between Binary and Vanilla Options . A vanilla American option gives the holder the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price before the expiration date of the option. IG is a UK binary options broker offering trading opportunities in Forex and binary options. The IG Group is a company that was founded in 1974 and, with over 40 years of experience. It has proven itself as one of the top financial instruments provider by winning many prestigious awards. Since 2008, investing and making money online with binary options has become increasingly attractive to investors and individuals who invest in shares, equities, currencies, and commodities. There are only two options in binary trading; hence the use of the term “binary”. It is almost like placing a bet, in that you are wagering that an asset will increase Binary.com is an award-winning online trading provider that helps its clients to trade on financial markets through binary options and CFDs. Trading binary options and CFDs on Synthetic Indices is classified as a gambling activity. Remember that gambling can be addictive – please play responsibly. Learn more about Responsible Trading. Some ... IG Scam Test Conclusion. If you want to know if CFD trading is reliable, this company is essentially all the proof you need. Like we said, they have been in the trading industry for more than 40 years, so there can be absolutely no doubt about whether or not IG is legit.

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Good Market analysis Binary Options IQ Option - YouTube

IG Review 2019 IG trading reviews ... IG index Options - Duration: ... Free 30 Minutes Binary Option Strategy - Price Action Short Break Method. - Duration: 43:56. Ken Alison J. 74,915 views. Join Our price action telegram video course group am share with all trading secret's Only onetime fee- and support ~MY Full Professional Video Course~ just R... Download the best indicator for binary options WinProfit80 : https://www.winoptionsignals.com/indikator-winprofit80-platnyj 🏆 What is the #best #indicator ... On this video I take a look at option in IG and what they provide to the public. They actually have a good amount of markets with many different strike price... 60 Seconds binary options strategy 99 - 100% Winning (100% profit guaranteed) 90 - 95% Winning Binary Options Strategy in case of correct prediction - 1 to 5...