How to Read a Forex Economic Calendar

Hello, looking for alternate forex news calenders that show past price reactions.

I'm currently using and only familiar with
However the website isn't reliable sometimes the lookback function is down, like right now. The site is great as it allows you to track the reaction news had on the graphs by event, for example BOC rate, click the event, look for the date you want to look at and it will show you what happened on price graphs at that time.
Any similar alternatives?
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Forex/Economic calender that rates events out of 10 on the probable amount of market impact the event will have?

For example brexit would have been like 11/10
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Whats your position after the GBP tumble today?

Hope everything is good with you all after the queen's announcement and sterlings nose dive
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🔍 #EconomicCalendar for the week 29.07 – 31.07.2019 🧐

🔍 #EconomicCalendar for the week 29.07 – 31.07.2019 🧐
✅ Monday, July 29 - No important macro statistics planned to be released.
✅ Tuesday, July 30 - 02:00 JPY The decision of the Bank of Japan on the interest rate. Bank of Japan Press Conference and Monetary Policy Comments.
👉 06:00 JPY Bank of Japan Press Conference
👉 12:00 EUR Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) in Germany (preliminary release)
✅ Wednesday, July 31 - 01:30 (GMT) AUD The RBA trimmed mean core inflation index (for the 2nd quarter)
👉 01:30 AUD Consumer Price Index (for the 2nd quarter)
👉 09:00 EUR Eurozone GDP for the 2nd quarter (preliminary estimate)
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Would any experienced traders (or inexperienced) share some insight please.

Good day to all you experienced and inexperienced traders alike.. Pardon me for this extremely long post, and i thank you in advance for spending the time to read this.
Basically.. I'm really passionate about Forex, not because of getting rich. But because i just love what Forex is and the ability to be well informed and stuff. For example.. it interests me how banks work, how monetary policy affects currencies and stuff.. I love the idea of being able to predict what is going to happen to a country/currency in the coming months and i love the thought of being informed about such stuff..
I come from a country where everyday is a 9-5 office job for majority of the country, in fact, Forex seems to be non-existent here (maybe its just me), its hard to find a mentor (because i know that it is important that one must learn live trading from a mentor to see his/her perspectives), but because only a minority (if it exists) does Forex.. its extremely hard to find a mentor.. Not only that.. There are 'courses' here that charge 4000USD for a single course which im pretty sure is just basic TA and FA that can be found on Youtube.
The only thing i can teach myself is stuff that can be found online.. Mostly TA, i have spent time and time over again to practice, buying at supports, selling at resistance. Candlesticks pattern etc and never going against a trend.. I started demo trading last October and i just started live trading on January this year. In my first week, i started with a live account of 200USD and with TA alone, i made 310 USD in a week. I felt unstoppable, i felt confident and that i know Forex in and out. I figured that i could trade my lifetime relying on TA alone. The 2nd and 3rd week were all profits without a single loss, earning and earning, i grew my account from 200 to 850 in a matter of 3 weeks. Then, it went downhill.
There was a week i cant remember, where i traded USD pairs and on that week, it was a really hectic week for USD as there were alot of news revolving it. (correct me if im wrong, which i think i am, it was the week where there was Trump's testimony or something like that, and then there was Theresa May's meeting with Trump and strengthening the pound) I took quite a hit of -120 dollars in total and because i didnt keep a journal then, i started to panic. Over the next few weeks, i tried to develop new TA analysis, usage of Bollinger Bands, MACD etc.. When i had profit, i was happy and thought 'this is the analysis that i will stick to', but when i had losing trades, i went on to tweak my methods.
I think it was the ending of Feburary where i was lying on my bed and thinking, why dont i just trade like how i did on the first few weeks, since it ended in many correct trades. So i began using my method of trading in week 1-3. During that week, i had a little bit more profit than i had over the last couple of losing weeks. (my account was at 400 balance at this point in time)
However, i was confused and sceptical to trade as i was really unsure.. Everytime i look at the charts, it was already either oversold or overbought on the RSI, and on the charts, a huge trend just took place and it was nearing either support or resis. I would trade against the trend when it was nearing resis/support and i got screwed really badly.
Today, i just blew my account trading EURJPY and EURUSD sell. I entered EURJPY at 129.626 and EURUSD at 1.22624. I kept holding even when my trades were going against me because i stubbornly refused to close, believing that my analysis was right. I kept holding as i thought 'its already overbought, surely it'll retrace soon' but it didnt. Its even worst because during the first few weeks where i was confident in my trades, i wanted to do my part to be a filial son, ( i come from an average family) and i told my mom and dad that i wanted to make money for them. They invested in me 1k USD which i am close to blowing it all, its sitting at 450USD now.. all due to my ignorance.
I was disappointed, frustrated that i blew my account. It is of course naive and stupid to think thoughts like ' i should have closed earlier when my losses could have been minimized' but what if it went to profit instead?? I was stupid and ignorant and i regret it. It was today that i realize that i have to pair fundamentals with technicals, but im just berating myself because i dont know where to start learning fundamentals, or actually, Forex as a whole.. I've been using indicators, such as RSI, automated trendlines and atuomated support/resistance.. I know that plain naked chart with self drawn S/R lines are best.. but i just dont know how to do it..
I do know that i shouldn't harp on the fact that i blew my account because everyone goes through it at least once, but i cant help it, the feeling sucks.
So that brings me to the question.. Would any experienced traders out there share where they learnt Fundamentals with TA?? It will be even better if a link or a book/course could be provided alongside it. I have always wanted to learn Fundamentals but because it is so broad, i don't know where to start. The only thing i know is that high impact news on the economic calender usually affects a currency long term, like FOMC/ interest rates etc.. I just dont know where and how to start learning it... Would appreciate if i could get a little help.. Be it in recommendations of books or links/courses.
Sorry guys for this extremely lengthy post, would really appreciate it if i can get any insight at all..
Thank you guys so much..
My results on a live account the first 2 weeks, in case anyone was curious:
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Fun Fact: 90% of traders LOSE and net NO return on trades... you might as well gamble in a casino as the house always wins (for those traders); atleast that way you have fun.

Honestly I think the problem they are having (no offense) is one that many others are as well; that is a bunch of moon kiddies saw BTC reach its ATH and the hype surrounding it circa Q4 2017 and thought to themselves that this is a "get rich quick scheme" and that it's "not so hard" and they'd make a killing only to realize its not half as easy as it looks...

As a seasoned swing-trader who's been doing this full time since q3 2015; i can tell you that your chance to win the lottery passed in 2009, and thanks to the newbies I like to call "Mainstream FUDDERS", my chance to gain returns over 1,000% are LONG gone... IMHO 2016-2017 was the gold rush/golden age of crypto and we will never EVER see returns like that in the fiscal calender for the market EVER again.

last few years crypto market has been comparable to the band Nirvana circa 1989; they were touring worldwide but only had Bleach (which was a great album but still underground and they were still living off ramen & red bull (or in Kurt's case; amphetamines & heroin) while sleeping in their tour bus.

the shows were awesome. the ambience was great. the crowds were filled with die-hard underground punk rock fans and we weren't "normal" or "mainstream" but we loved it and embraced it. then smells like teen spirit and nevermind was released in 1991 and I would have to say Q4 2017 is sort of Bitcoin's "Nevermind" in the sense that it was never the same again and never will be the same again.... everybody is into it, everybody thinks they know it, yet 90% of them are pretentious & insecure losers who are trying to act like the wolf of wall st. cause they got lucky and got a decent return on one trade from mommy & daddy's allowance.

it makes me cringe when people who didn't even know the difference between a coin or a token or that blockchain and btc are not mutually exclusive try to lecture me about crypto or post their bullshit "TA" confusing everyone as well as constantly FUD/FOMOing and thus making conducting TA for the real traders who know what they're doing much more difficult to make accurate projections.

regardless, while the golden age has passed; crypto is still growing (just passed visa in processed transactions of 3 trillion this week) with no signs of slowing down despite the fact that we've been bearish for pretty much 3 quarters straight now (all of 2018 basically) yet i've still managed to net returns & earn profit in a game where the house always wins (atleast now)

i'm no whale by any means. i'm not a lambo moon kiddie either (not to be confused with a whale) as lambo kiddies are just idiots who stumbled upon BTC circa 2009 and happened to get lucky and hodl for 5 years then goes around touting youtube vids of their "btc lambo" and their "btc mansion" acting like they know anything about brokering whatsoever. I have however, made a modest living off forex trading crypto & have been blessed to be able to buy a house & car and feed my family. Do not mistaken me for a lambo moon kiddie; I got involved much too late for that... so unlike those bastards I had to earn every penny I got swing-trading using strategies & formulas I had known and learned from stocks and just ran with it from there to develop my own formula.

this is my biggest concern; the bubble may or may not burst is the argument we had back in the day (2-3 years ago; which is "back in the day" considering crypto market moves like dog years) and now i'm not worried at all that btc will collapse because it's become mainstream. however i am worried that the FUDDERS (no offense again) like yourself will end destroying the community like Nirvana in 1994 when Kurt blew his brains out.

with that being said; there's nothing wrong with wanting to get involved in crypto or being new to crypto; just be modest, humble, don't post TA & HODL don't bother trading cause you don't know what you're doing and don't EVER try to lecture or disparage a seasoned broker if he's giving you advise/TA, you should be appreciative of it and be willing to learn not thinking you know more than him or trying to outwit him.

we see this all the time on cryptotwitter, the FUDDERS that joined up post Q4 '17 who have a massive following posting "TA" that gets tens of thousands of views due to their massive following (that they only have because they're earned it in some other capacity, whether blogging on youtube or w.e) and the man with 400 followers gets 20 likes on TA that's 100% accurate. hidden gems I like to call them. those are the people you want to follow. not the ones who have a shitload of followers, but the ones who are accurate. it's hard to find them; but the needle in the haystack is made of gold so it's worth looking for.

on that note; best of luck to you, and sorry if I offended anyone, but the truth hurts.

Peace & Love

- A random guy.
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How reliable is the economic calender.

So I'm really really new to Forex. I've just started, and I came across something called an economic calender which I'm sure youre familiar with. I was just exploring eToro, and the broker ranks evens based on their expected 'bullish-ness'(?).
So, if eToro, or other sites rank something that they think will develop a bullish trend, how much should I trust them? Are they reliable and if so, how reliable? If they're very reliable then does everyone use them?
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Forex Factory Economic Calendar: The Best Indicator Tool ... FOREX FACTORY CALENDAR INDICATOR MT4 - YouTube Fx Trend Signals / Alert & Forex Economic Calendar - YouTube HOW TO TRADE THE FOREX CALENDAR- WEEK40 - YouTube Your end of week forex analysis. Economic calendar bonus ...

A forex economic calendar is useful for traders to learn about upcoming news events that can shape their fundamental analysis. This piece will explore the DailyFX economic calendar in depth ... Our forex economic calendar allows you to view important economic events by time period, currency, market impact. Definitions are available for each event. Total Filled Jobs Link. The Total Filled Jobs, released by Stats NZ, is an indicator that measures paid jobs that existed in the week ending on the 20th of the reference month.It captures a ‘snapshot’ of filled jobs at a point in time. A growing number of jobs is a positive (bullish) input for the New Zealand dollar, while a decreasing number is negative (bearish) for the NZD. Since forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling another, you can use the Economic Calendar to compare the economies behind each currency. Events on the calendar are graded low, medium and high, depending on their likely degree of market impact. Economic calendar: get indicators in real-time as economic events are announced and see the immediate global market impact - Including previous, forecast and actual figures.

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Forex Factory Economic Calendar: The Best Indicator Tool ...

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